Zoomed In

Day 1: VIEW PicturesZoomed In 2020

A day investigating VIEW Pictures’ architectural image archive, the international pool of photographers behind it, and the management of images in 2020. Set up by 3 photographers [Chris Gascoigne, Peter Cook and Dennis Gilbert] in 1997, VIEW Pictures was designed as an international picture library and facility for analogue large format photographers to sell and manage their images. VIEW is now run by Dennis Gilbert and the archive holds 200,000 pictures.
- Curated by Dennis Gilbert, VIEW Pictures, and presented in partnership with Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival.

Presentation/Panel Discussion - Photographing Infrastructure [ARCHIVED]
VIEW Pictures members Anthony Coleman, Dennis Gilbert and Kilian O'Sullivan present a selection of images from their long-term commission documenting the redevelopment of London's iconic Battersea Power Station. They will then be joined by National Infrastructure Commission Design Group member Anthony Dewar (Network Rail) and VIEW photographers Alastair Philip Wiper and Sue Barr for a conversation on photographing infrastructure, chaired by Phineas Harper.

Talk/Q&A - The Human Landscape in Architecture
Barcelona-based VIEW photographer Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre speaks on his practice, and his journey from photojournalism to architectural photography.

Panel Discussion - Images and the Media
A panel discussion on the ways in which the new media landscape has shaped the architectural image, and reframed the way in which we experience architecture. Chaired by Manon Mollard (editor, The Architectural Review) and featuring VIEW photographers Anthony Coleman, Ed Sumner and James Brittain, alongside Robert Torday (director, Belford Communications).

Screening - VIEW Pictures
VIEW Pictures contributors Dennis Gilbert and Jim Stephenson (of Steohenson/Bishop) open up the archives to each introduce one of their favourite architectural films. Dennis will present a film he was commissioned to produce in celebration of Walters and Cohen Architects’ 25th anniversary this February, and Jim will present a short film about Secular Retreat, a home by Atelier Peter Zumthor for Living Architecture, with Mole as executive architects.

Day 2: Mass CollectiveZoomed In 2020

Mass Collective is a group of London-based architectural photographers, founded by Francesco Russo and Henry Woide. The Collective’s programme of the day runs through different talks and interviews to investigate different aspects of architectural photography today. The artistic and the business side of photography are two different sides of the same coin which we as photographers have to juggle with to be successful.
- Curated by Francesco Russo & Henry Woide, Mass Collective

Seminar - Marketing Tools for the Architectural Photographer
How has marketing evolved and what are the tools that can be used to promote a photographer’s work? We’ll be talking to industry experts to have a better understanding of how a professional photographer can navigate through the complicated world of marketing. Francesco Russo and Henry Woide of Mass. Collective chair a panel featuring Christian Trampedach (Restless Living), Luke Neve (neve agency) and Peter Townsend (Found Artists).

Panel Discussion - The Architectural Image
What is the value of architectural imagery today? To what extent do architects contribute to the process of the creation of a set of architectural images? Mass. Collective will be in conversation with architects Alex de Rijke (dRMM), Amos Goldreich (Amos Goldreich Architecture) and Jack Penford Baker (Hawkins\Brown), alongside communications specialist Celeste Bolte, about their relationship with architectural photography, and what they expect from professional photographers when the time comes to document their projects.

Panel Discussion - The International Commission
A talk featuring high profile photographers from either side of the Atlantic on working internationally, and the difference between European and American architectural image culture. Mass. Collective will be joined by Adam Mørk, doublespace, Mike Kelley, and Marcela Spadaro (NAARO).

Screening - Mass Collective
Mass Collective members Will Scott and Edward Bishop present a selection of their video work on architecture.

Presentation - Mass Collective Showcase
An insight into the thinking behind a photographer's personal work. The behind the scenes of the creation of a series of images by Mass Collective Photographers, featuring Agnese Sanvito, Andrew Meredith, Anna Stathaki, James Morris, Luke Hayes and Rachel Ferriman.

Day 3: Laura MarkZoomed In 2020

As the architecture we are now exposed to has become confined to our homes, rooms, gardens and that we pass on our daily exercise walks, we begin to have a different relationship to that architecture. We become to know the spaces more intimately but can also have a longing for the spaces which we used to visit.
- Curated by Laura Mark, in association with the Baylight Foundation

Screening/Panel Discussion - One building: Three takes
Walmer Yard is one of London’s most architecturally revered new buildings. It has been shot by a number of different photographers and although at first it seems instantly photogenic its developer Crispin Kelly has often remarked that it is difficult to get a photograph that really portrays the essence of the buildings and their internal spaces.
Walmer Yard’s public programme is based on the experience of the buildings – either through visitors staying there or through events which explore a deeper connection to the architecture. In this event we use photography and film to ask whether a building can truly be experienced without visiting it.
It includes a screening of three short films/videos which portray Walmer Yard in very different ways followed by a discussion with those who have shot there on capturing the experience of the building in their work. Speakers include keeper of Walmer Yard Laura Mark, architectural photographers Hélène Binet and Jim Stephenson, and musician Haich Ber Na.

Screening/In Conversation - Emile Rafael (Courtesy of NOWNESS)
Emile Rafael presents two of the NOWNESS short films he directed: “Frank Gehry - Creating Feeling” and “Sue and The Mole Man House”, in conversation with Zoomed In festival director Luke O'Donovan.

Panel Discussion - No Touching Please
How do we experience architecture when we can’t actually visit it? How do we express the sensual qualities of a space – be it through touch, sound or smell – when we are viewing a building via a screen? As galleries, places of worship, museums, shopping centres, and other public spaces across the globe are closed, this discussion will explore how the global pandemic will change how we visit buildings and spaces in the future and how we still capture the experiential nature of a space when we can’t collectively be there. Speakers include Bompas and Parr founder Sam Bompas, Space Popular founders Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg, architectural visualiser David Deroo and photographer Ben Blossom, chaired by keeper of Walmer Yard, Laura Mark.

Day 4: Power StructuresZoomed In 2020

‘Power Structures’ will bring together a collection of photographers, writers, architects and curators to discuss from a global view some of the most significant power shifts that are taking place in our society, and how they impact upon the built environment. The digital events will serve as a prelude to a physical exhibition curated by architectural photographers Francisco Ibáñez Hantke and Luke O'Donovan as part of the upcoming London Festival of Architecture programme.
- Curated by Francisco Ibáñez Hantke & Luke O'Donovan

Panel Discussion - Longing for Public Space
A cross-disciplinary talk on the changing nature of public space, and how it is approached by artists, academics, architects and photographers. Chaired by writer and FT architecture and design critic Edwin Heathcote and featuring 2020 British Pavilion curators Madeleine Kessler and Manijeh Verghese (Unscene Architecture), Design Museum Chief Curator Justin McGuirk, and photographers Cristobal Palma and Will Scott.

Talk/Q&A - Around the World During a Pandemic [Archived]
Prolific Romanian architect turned architectural photographer Laurian Ghinițoiu will present a selection of his archive work in a live talk and question and answer session.

Presentation - Beyond the Image
A quick-fire presentation of photographic work which crosses over into other fields of research, featuring several of the Power Structures artists, and followed by a brief discussion, chaired by photographer and curator Luke O'Donovan. Featuring work from Francisco Ibáñez Hantke, Lorenzo Zandri, Marcos Zegers, Noelle Mason and Tom Hegen.

Screening/In Conversation - Alfredo Brillembourg (Urban-Think Tank)
Screening of 'The Disappearance of Robin Hood' and 'Torre David', followed by a discussion with Alfredo Brillembourg, cofounder of Urban Think Tank, an interdisciplinary design practice dedicated to projects that focus on social architecture and informal development, and through teaching, exhibitions, film and publications.

LFA Digital - Power StructuresLFA 2020

As part of the London Festival of Architecture Digital programme, we hosted two events based around the themes of the upcoming 'Power Structures' exhibition.
- Curated by Francisco Ibáñez Hantke & Luke O'Donovan

Panel Talk/Presentation - Informal Power Structures
Photographers from around the world share their experiences of working between formal and informal urban settlements, and discuss the lessons we can learn from each approach as we start rewriting the rules for the new normal in cities. Featuring urbanNext editor Ibai Rigby and photographer Jana Sophia Nolle.

Panel Talk - Facing the Unknown
The current pandemic has made apparent how the world is still not prepared for some crises. Leading professionals from across city-making disciplines will discuss in an online panel talk how we have faced the unknown, which lessons need to be learned, and how we can continue to create and innovate in a fast-changing world. Featuring director of Mend and Mayor of London's Infrastructure Advisory Panel Member Liane Hartley, urbanist and former 100 Resilient Cities associate director Helena Monteiro, LSE School of Public Policy Dean and former Chilean Finance Minister Prof Andrés Velasco, and chaired by director of Inner Circle Consulting, Emma Peters.

LFA Digital - Mass Virtual GalleryLFA 2020

As part of the London Festival of Architecture Digital programme, we teamed up with London-based architectural photograpers Mass Collective to livestream a series of artist talks from their new virtual gallery.
- Curated by Mass Collective

Virtual Gallery Opening 1 - Above and Below, 4th June
Stefania Miravalle presents 'Interactions', and Will Scott presents 'The Architecture of the Underground'.

Virtual Gallery Opening 2 - Urban Identities, 11th June
Francesco Russo presents 'Ruin or Rust', and Polly Tootal presents 'Somewhere in England'.

Virtual Gallery Opening 3 - Constructed Landscapes, 18th June
Henry Woide presents 'No Moor', and Luke O'Donovan presents 'Last Days of Coal'.

Virtual Gallery Opening 4 - Passenger, 25th June
Agnese Sanvito presents 'Multi-storey', and Matthew White presents 'Every Building on the Old Kent Road'.