LFA Digital - Power StructuresFri 05/06/2020

As part of the London Festival of Architecture Digital programme, we will be hosting two events based around the themes of the upcoming 'Power Structures' exhibition.
- Curated by Francisco Ibáñez Hantke & Luke O'Donovan

Panel Talk/Presentation - Informal Power Structures
Photographers from around the world share their experiences of working between formal and informal urban settlements, and discuss the lessons we can learn from each approach as we start rewriting the rules for the new normal in cities. Featuring urbanNext editor Ibai Rigby and photographer Jana Sophia Nolle, with others TBA.

2.30PM LDN/9.30AM NYC/10.30PM TYO - Live on Youtube (click here)

#05 San Francisco 2017/2017, from the series Living Room ©Jana Sophia Nolle

Panel Talk - Facing the Unknown
The current pandemic has made apparent how the world is still not prepared for some crises. Leading professionals from across city-making disciplines will discuss in an online panel talk how we have faced the unknown, which lessons need to be learned, and how we can continue to create and innovate in a fast-changing world. Featuring director of Mend and Mayor of London's Infrastructure Advisory Panel Member Liane Hartley, urbanist and former 100 Resilient Cities associate director Helena Monteiro, LSE School of Public Policy Dean and former Chilean Finance Minister Prof Andrés Velasco, and chaired by director of Inner Circle Consulting, Emma Peters.

5PM LDN/12PM NYC/1AM TYO - Live on Youtube (click here)

© Francisco Ibáñez Hantke

LFA Digital - Mass Virtual Gallery04-30/06/2020

As part of the London Festival of Architecture Digital programme, we've teamed up with London-based architectural photograpers Mass Collective to livestream a series of artist talks from their new virtual gallery. The virtual gallery will be open to the online public from 4th-30th June, with the artworks being refreshed each week. The gallery openings, featuring live artist talks, will be broadcast via Zoomed In at 6PM BST on each Thursday throughout the month.
- Curated by Mass Collective

© Mass Collective

Virtual Gallery Opening 1 - Above and Below, 4th June
Stefania Miravalle presents 'Interactions', and Will Scott presents 'The Architecture of the Underground'.

6PM LDN/1PM NYC/2AM TYO - Live on Youtube (click here)

© Stefania Miravalle

Virtual Gallery Opening 2 - Urban Identities, 11th June
Francesco Russo presents 'Ruin or Rust', and Polly Tootal presents 'Somewhere in England'.

6PM LDN/1PM NYC/2AM TYO - Live on Youtube (click here)

© Polly Tootal

Virtual Gallery Opening 3 - Constructed Landscapes, 18th June
Henry Woide presents 'No Moor', and Luke O'Donovan presents 'Last Days of Coal'.

6PM LDN/1PM NYC/2AM TYO - Live on Youtube (click here)

© Henry Woide

Virtual Gallery Opening 4 - Passenger, 25th June
Agnese Sanvito presents 'Multi-storey', and Matthew White presents 'Every Building on the Old Kent Road'.

6PM LDN/1PM NYC/2AM TYO - Live on Youtube (click here)

© Matthew White